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When looking to train as a beautician, hairstylist and bridal services specialist, it’s important to find an academy based on hands-on experience from a professional who has spent decades in the industry.

Visible Changes’ Training Academy offers flexible, comprehensive and compelling teaching to ensure that students have all the skills needed to enter the beauty, fashion and bridal industries.

Mehndi is taught at all levels: from beginner to advanced, with each level focusing on a new discipline that ensures flawless knowledge on the intricacies involved with creating stunning body paintings.

Courses also focus on beauty treatments such as threading, which have increased in popularity and demand both in the British marketplace and around the world.

Long hair design and decoration courses show students how to achieve a range of modern and classic hairstyles for different occasions, with practical experiences that explore how to make the most of different hair types for flawless results.

Visible Changes has also created a variety of make-up courses that allow you to pick and choose what you want to learn. The Bridal Course take students through all the essentials needed to prepare the blushing bride, including complex hair designs and even peer decoration and dupatta setting.

Alternatively, if you want to be a true make-up expert then there are longer courses that also include providing top tips on how to accentuate certain facial features such as the eyes and lips, as well as ensuring that students understand how to photograph models in a variety of lighting modes. The course also covers practical but essential skills that every make-up artist needs, including hygiene, preparation and the utilisation of various makeup utensils in a professional manner.

Day and Evening Makeup

Film Makeup Self Grooming Courses



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